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SmtpServer rejects valid MAIL FROM command

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Quoting rfc 2821:

   The MAIL command (or the obsolete SEND, SOML, or SAML commands)
   begins a mail transaction.  Once started, a mail transaction consists
   of a transaction beginning command, one or more RCPT commands, and a
   DATA command, in that order.  A mail transaction may be aborted by
   the RSET (or a new EHLO) command.  There may be zero or more
   transactions in a session.  MAIL (or SEND, SOML, or SAML) MUST NOT be
   sent if a mail transaction is already open, i.e., it should be sent
   only if no mail transaction had been started in the session, or it
   the previous one successfully concluded with a successful DATA
   command, or if the previous one was aborted with a RSET.

SmtpServer#process_mail_from? currently violates the last paragraph, rejecting a second MAIL FROM command even after DATA succeded.

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(In [776]) Removed seemingly unnecessary link to pthread. Cleaned up the flag setup, using $defs now. Removed the strip directive. Cleaned up a breakage on a strange win32 setup. Use pkg_config in preference to manual SSL configuration. closes #70, with thanks to darix, from suse.

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Oops, should have closed #73. Bad commit message.