Ticket #62 (new enhancement)

Opened 4 months ago

Add service callback from github to e-mail the mailinglist on commit

Reported by: raggi Assigned to: francis
Priority: major Milestone:
Keywords: git, mailinglist, email Cc: raggi


I have setup a cron sync'd copy of the eventmachine svn on github at http://github.com/raggi/eventmachine-svn.

The sync is actually occurring on a slice that I manage, but can easily be moved at some point if it's deemed necessary.

Presently we have IRC callbacks on commit, and the idea for sending them the ML came up.

github can send mails on it's own from noreply@github.com, but that address would need to be added to the allow list on the ML admin interface (http://rubyforge.org/mailman/admin/eventmachine-talk).

If this is not possible in MailMan?, then I can use a post-commit handler (http://github.com/raggi/github_post_receive_server/) to do the same job, but again that would be hosted on my personal box.