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Java implementation of send_data appears to mangle bytes above 127

Reported by: aanand Assigned to: raggi
Priority: major Milestone: Java/JRuby support
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It looks like the Java implementation of send_data sends all bytes above 127 as 63. I've attached a simple client/server test I ran, where the client sends every byte from 0 to 255 and the server prints out the bytes it receives. Running it under MRI produces the correct result - the server receives exactly the same data - but running it under jruby with em_reactor.jar produces the erroneous result on my machine.

I'm on OS X 10.4, JRuby 1.1, and an EM gem/jar built from the raggi branch, revision 738.


run.txt (4.4 kB) - added by aanand on 07/10/08 09:55:00.
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EventMachineServerTest.rb (318 bytes) - added by aanand on 07/10/08 09:55:31.

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Whoops, forgot to mention: the reason I think it's sending that's the culprit (rather than receiving) is that running the server under JRuby and the client under MRI produces the correct result. Running the server under MRI and the client under JRuby doesn't work on my machine - the client hangs - but I don't know enough about EM to know whether this is a bug in EM or my code.

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Real defect, upping priority.

Needs some investigation, but tmm1 was noticing binary data being corrupted also.

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Fixed in [771] by tmm1, applied to branches/raggi.