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improve set_effective_user

Reported by: tmm1 Assigned to: raggi (accepted)
Priority: minor Milestone: EventMachine "Framework"
Keywords: Cc: wyhaines


swiftiply uses:

		def self.run_as(user = "nobody", group = "nobody")
			Process.initgroups(user,Etc.getgrnam(group).gid) if user and group
			::Process::GID.change_privilege(Etc.getgrnam(group).gid) if group
			::Process::UID.change_privilege(Etc.getpwnam(user).uid) if user
		rescue Errno::EPERM
			raise "Failed to change the effective user to #{user} and the group to #{group}"

maybe add a EM.run_as that supports groups, and rescues EPERM (incase you're already running as non-root)

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Need to verify win32