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threads cease being scheduled correctly if you run out of file descriptors on OS X

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It appears that, on OS X, if you ever use all available file descriptors and are multi-threaded, it is possible that either the thread running EM or another thread will never be scheduled again, causing you to think "why isn't EM running anymore??". This might well be a Ruby bug where it doesn't handle certain edge cases in OS X with select. I think I may have run into something possibly related before. Fix for now: use linux.

vaguely related problem may be that ruby itself freezes on OS X, at times [1]

A way to recreate this is the tests in http://rubyeventmachine.com/ticket/34


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06/30/08 20:22:42 changed by raggi

Hmm, this may have been reported as a similar problem under epoll. Might be worth checking the logic around the event apis.