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sockets are not being closed by EventableDescriptor::Close() under windows

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The problem is that the EventableDescriptor::Close() method uses closesocket (MySocket?); instead of close (MySocket?) which is #defined to call rb_w32_close(). The closesocket() call maps to the winsock API which expects a real socket handle. the MySocket? value is *NOT* a real socket handle and so the closesocket call fails. The result is that all EM sockets are left open in windows. There are also several other cases of closesocket being called incorrectly in em.cpp and ed.cpp

See the attached unit test which demonstrates the failure. See the remarks at the bottom of the test class.


test_multiple_connect_send.rb (3.2 kB) - added by scott@rightscale.com on 11/20/09 19:34:46.
unit test to demonstrate failure to close listener socket

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unit test to demonstrate failure to close listener socket

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This is only an issue with ruby 1.9 correct?