Ticket #124 (new enhancement)

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Modified LineAndTextProtocol to accept custom delimiters in the constructor

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Priority: minor Milestone: EventMachine "Framework"
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LineAndTextProtocol? had a hardcoded delimiter of "\n" (newline). Made a small modification to its constructor so it can accept a custom delimiter passed in a hash with key :delimiter.

Please pull the changes from my github fork (chuckremes/eventmachine).

Change History

05/08/09 19:58:02 changed by cremes

Oh, and I included a test for it too.

05/14/09 23:44:30 changed by cremes

Corrected the patch so that newlines "\n" are retained when the delimiter is different. The original behavior *always* stripped newlines which may not be correct behavior even in a line and text protocol when overriding the delimiter.

Included a test case as well.