Class EventMachine::StreamObject
In: lib/pr_eventmachine.rb
Parent: Selectable


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Proper nonblocking I/O was added to Ruby 1.8.4 in May 2006. If we have it, then we can read multiple times safely to improve performance. TODO, coalesce multiple reads into a single event. TODO, do the function check somewhere else and cache it.

Provisional implementation. Will be re-implemented in subclasses. TODO: Complete this implementation. As it stands, this only writes a single packet per cycle. Highly inefficient, but required unless we‘re running on a Ruby with proper nonblocking I/O (Ruby 1.8.4 built from sources from May 25, 2006 or newer). We need to improve the loop so it writes multiple times, however not more than a certain number of bytes per cycle, otherwise one busy connection could hog output buffers and slow down other connections. Also we should coalesce small writes. URGENT TODO: Coalesce small writes. They are a performance killer.

get_peername This is defined in the normal way on connected stream objects. Return an object that is suitable for passing to Socket#unpack_sockaddr_in or variants. We could also use a convenience method that did the unpacking automatically.

schedule_close The application wants to close the connection.

If we have to close, or a close-after-writing has been requested, then don‘t read any more data.

If we have to close, don‘t select for writing. Otherwise, see if the protocol is ready to close. If not, see if he has data to send. If a close-after-writing has been requested and the outbound queue is empty, convert the status to close_scheduled.