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Merge of branches/raggi
Most notable work and patches by Aman Gupta, Roger Pack, and James Tucker.
Patches / Tickets also submitted by: Jeremy Evans, aanand, darix, mmmurf,
danielaquino, macournoyer.

  • Moved docs into docs/ dir
  • Major refactor of rakefile, added generic rakefile helpers in tasks
  • Added example CPP build rakefile in tasks/cpp.rake
  • Moved rake tests out to tasks/tests.rake
  • Added svn ignores where appropriate
  • Fixed jruby build on older java platforms
  • Gem now builds from Rakefile rather than directly via extconf
  • Gem unified for jruby, C++ and pure ruby.
  • Correction for pure C++ build, removing ruby dependency
  • Fix for CYGWIN builds on ipv6
  • Major refactor for extconf.rb
  • Working mingw builds
  • extconf optionally uses pkg_config over manual configuration
  • extconf builds for 1.9 on any system that has 1.9
  • extconf no longer links pthread explicitly
  • looks for kqueue on all *nix systems
  • better error output on std::runtime_error, now says where it came from
  • Fixed some tests on jruby
  • Added test for general send_data flaw, required for a bugfix in jruby build
  • Added timeout to epoll tests
  • Added fixes for java reactor ruby api
  • Small addition of some docs in httpclient.rb and httpcli2.rb
  • Some refactor and fixes in smtpserver.rb
  • Added parenthesis where possible to avoid excess ruby warnings
  • Refactor of $eventmachine_library logic for accuracy and maintenance, jruby
  • EM::start_server now supports unix sockets
  • EM::connect now supports unix sockets
  • EM::defer @threadqueue now handled more gracefully
  • Added better messages on exceptions raised
  • Fix edge case in timer fires
  • Explicitly require buftok.rb
  • Add protocols to autoload, rather than require them all immediately
  • Fix a bug in pr_eventmachine for outbound_q
  • Refactors to take some of the use of defer out of tests.
  • Fixes in EM.defer under start/stop conditions. Reduced scope of threads.
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
2 ------------------------
4 EventMachine is Copyright (C) 2006-07 by Francis Cianfrocca.
6 EventMachine is copyrighted software owned by Francis Cianfrocca
7 (blackhedd ... You may redistribute and/or modify this
8 software as long as you comply with either the terms of the GPL
9 (see the file GPL), or Ruby's license (see the file COPYING).
11 Your use of all the files in this distribution is controlled by these
12 license terms, except for those files specifically mentioned below:
16 setup.rb
17         This file is Copyright (C) 2000-2005 by Minero Aoki
18         You can distribute/modify this file under the terms of
19         the GNU LGPL, Lesser General Public License version 2.1.
22 lib/protocols/buftok.rb
23         This file is Copyright (C) 2007 by Tony Arcieri. This file is
24         covered by the terms of Ruby's License (see the file COPYING).
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