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Added urgent flag so timers can be processed a bit more accurately.

1 2006-06-10  rosejn  <rosejn@groove>
3         * Added Reactor#bootstrap which takes blocks of code to be run once the
4         reactor is started.
6         * Now the loop looks at return values from calling iterate on dispatchers to
7         determine whether there are more events pending.  This way we don't block on
8         select if we can be doing work instead.
10         * Added the urgent flag to EventDispatcher#send_event so events can be put on
11         the front of the event queue.  If even more urgency is necessary we can make
12         a separate urgent_event_q that gets called more often or before other stuff.
14 2006-05-27  Jeff Rose <>
16         * Created ChangeLog!
18         * Put Florian Gross's module auto initialization code into EventDispatcher so
19         including classes no longer have to be calling super even when they don't
20         derive from anything.  Updated classes that were.
22         * Renamed Signaller to SignalDispatcher
24         * Made eio_test.rb not run unless it is executed alone.  This way we can use
25         rake to run all our tests from anywhere in the directory tree.  Once we
26         figure out how to correctly unit test the networking we should turn it back
27         on...
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