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Forwarding changes from github fork:

  • Added a .gitignore for tempfiles
  • Moved extra docs into a docs subfolder, corrected gemspec
  • General refactors in Rakefile
  • Namespaced ext and java builds
  • Changed default rake task to be an interpreter specific build
  • Changed spec.extensions to use rakefile instead of extconf.rb (java + c++ gem in one!)
  • Added java/ dir to gemspec
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
1 $Id$
3 TODO List:
5 12Aug06: Noticed by Don Stocks. A TCP connect-request that results
6 in a failed DNS resolution fires a fatal error back to user code.
7 Uuuuuugly. We should probably cause an unbind event to get fired
8 instead, and add some parameterization so the caller can detect
9 the nature of the failure.
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